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I'm a 22 year old student currently enrolled at San Francisco State University under the School of Design with a concentration in Visual Communication Design (BS-VCD).

When I'm not at school, I work at a San Francisco high school as an educational advisor. I help low income and first generation students with the whole college-going process!

When I'm not at work, I do design/social media work for a fanbase I created for my favorite band. It has over 93,000 followers from around the world! My team has raised over $5,000 dollars in donations to charities such as UNICEF, CARE, Doctors Without Borders and St. Jude's Children's Hospital.
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A mix of graphic and UI/UX work from my assignments and work projects.



The Educated& Campaign is our official t-shirt line that attempts to highlight the historical backgrounds and identities of our students and is inclusive of students and their education. This empowering line offers inclusive slogans to promote education for all. We offered our participants scholarships to assist them further in the college process. Students used this money in their senior year or in college, for additional college app fees, housing deposits, or textbooks. We recognize that financial barriers have deterred our students from completing the college process and saw this scholarship as providing holistic services to our student participants.
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I founded GOT7&Co. with the idea that I needed to unify the body of fans in order to create an impact not only in sales or streams, but for charity and goodwill. Now at over 93,000 followers, we have raised over $10,000 to important international causes such as the St. Jude's Children's hospital, Nepal Earthquake fund, Syrian Refugee crisis, and more.

GOT7&Co. is the #1 source for information on voting, streaming, and fan projects for the K-Pop group, GOT7.

My role in GOT7&Co. is staff recruitment, graphic and web design, and social media management.
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